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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On holy shizzle long time no update

It's been a while since I have updated this. To sum things up I started World of Warcraft, got addicted, and then managed to quit. World of Warcraft is a wonderful game, unfortunately there are people in this world that are just too easily hooked on MMORPGs, and I number among them.

Tibia was a long time issue for me, starting back in the 8th grade and probably costing me hundreds of dollars over the course of time I played it. But I found myself loved by the community, and loving the community. While in hindsight the game play was terrible, CIPSoft is a small company so you can only expect so much. It was the community and low system requirements that drove the game, and I imagine continues to drive the game. Eventually finding myself fed up with CIPsoft and the game itself, I broke open a seal of horrorz.

In case of Cipsoft screwup break seal

World of Warcraft was great at first, the few months I played, I played a horde side PVP server. I really enjoyed myself but managed to let the game go after a while. And life went back to normal, I managed to forget about MMOs for a while, and generally online gaming all together in favor of card and board games with my friends. But then my room mate moved out and I found myself low on cash. I also found myself being advanced on when I didn't quite feel ready for a relationship again. And so I took the chump's way out, and convinced myself I would become addicted to World of Warcraft. Once again in hind sight, a terrible idea.

Maybe I should have just learned to cut back on spending like a normal person. Maybe I should have taken a risk and tried another relationship. But I decided to fuel a terrible habit that I had by chance fallen out of. And so Travstopher of warlock was born. With Mitch's help I got into a casual guild, and managed to hit the level cap pretty quickly becoming exceptionaly good at my class. And as concieted as it may sound, with my help the guild gathered enough close friends and organized well enough to begin casual raiding. Around halloween issues arose between the guild leader of the time and myself over a roll I won on the Headless Horseman's mount.

So I left the guild, striking it out on my own waiting for the guild leader's apology. It came, but between my leaving of the guild and my subsequent return to the guild I found myself becoming even more and more attached to the game. Up until this point I all ready logged 4 or 5 hours on days when I worked 9 hour shifts and went to school for 3 hours, the days when I had to do only one or not at all were fully consumed by WoW. With the new content of Northrend to explore I put even more time in, sleeping only once every couple of days.
But to wrap up this rant, I realized how terrible my life had become. I had gone from a casual video gamer to one of those hardcore WoW players who's entire life schedule revolved around time spent on the game. I had given up exercising, cooking, and socializing. And the worst part is, I wasn't even into end game content yet, only gearing up.

And so I went cold turkey on WoW for new years, and got my life back on track. I have started exercising, cooking, and spending tons of time with friends. The next semester starts soon, and I think I may just start blogging agian.

Hopefully I will improve my english..

A reblogged Travy

How can I help it if I think youre funny when youre mad
Trying hard not to smile though I feel bad
Im the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral
Cant understand what I mean? you soon will
I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve
I have a history of losing my shirt

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Cusecolts said...

travyson you are better off without W.O.W. so now I think that you should call Kimmy up and see what she is doing peace out.