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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On old friends, awesome playlists, and nintendo

Let me first say that it is becoming harder and harder to find Capri Sun boxes which haven’t cut their sugar. It brings to mind the fact that Cadbury Eggs cut down on their sizes last year as well. If anyone has some sort of tasty supplement for either, please let me know.

That said I ended up buying Mario Kart Wii today. What can I say, it’s Mario Kart. For the wii. Not much more to it. None the less, it is a game that is as enjoyable as ever. I have never played a Mario Kart that wasn’t enjoyable. Outside of a few more playable characters/maps, there isn’t that much more positive I can say on the game. As far as negatives go though, I feel they sort of nerfed battles. I always enjoyed the 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 aspect of the battles, just 4 players gunning for a win. Now CPUs get dragged into it and you are split into 2 teams. I don’t like it. But that is the only bit that I didn’t like.

Oh, the wii wheel is unnecessary, as is the case with most Wii Accessory’s.

I have also determined that the best ’environment’ play list for me is the following albums set to repeat shuffle:
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - You could have it so much better
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
Runrig- Heartland’
Runrig- Everything you see
The Killers- Sam’s town

It’s the best I’ve come up with anyways.

Last night on a routine trip to Denny’s, Mitch and myself ran into Paul. An aquantince of mine, friend of Mitch’s that moved down south for a while, and then moved back up here. It was enjoyable, we went back to his place and played Magic for a few hours. It was quite enjoyable. Shadowmoor becomes T2 legal, and releases this Friday. Apparently there is a release event for it at midnight on Thursday, I plan on going to it... regardless of the fact that means I will be getting 4 hours of sleep.
Anyways, we got to discussing DnD 4.0 last night at Pauls before leaving. Apparently they are going to be restricting some of the things you can do in the game. While Paul approaches it with disdain, I look at it as a step in the right direction. DnD can do something MMos, and TCGs can’t do. It can nerf shit hella easier.

I think I will make up a 4.0 dungeon.

My god, release party on sunday too! My schedule for MTG is looking
Sleep until 5~6 on Thursday. Midnight MTG, work 8:30-5:30. Crash, Work saturday, release events on sunday!
On a side note, I think I really don’t care about you anymore

An Eggman Travy

Boring a way through me
Controlling completely
There is a fire in me
Fire that burns
Fire that burns

This fire is out of control
I’m going to burn this city
Burn this city
If this fire is out of control
Then i
I’m out of control
And i burn

Burning a way to me
Destroying so sweetly
There is a fire in me
Fire that burns
Fire that burns

This fire...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Shadowmoor

One of my favorite types of tournaments to attend are prerelease events. You get to play with cards before they actually "come out" and everyone is basically on an equal level. Being that I love Draft, I also love Sealed. You are given a pool of cards and told to do one of the things I feel I do best, build a deck. And it's enjoyable. It's probably the closest you can get to casual play in a competitive environment in my opinion. Not that Friday Night Magic isn't semi-casual, I just think that prereleases are a tad more fun.
And you meet people. Typically, you play people who are there for fun as well. Unfortunately I had one match that wasn't all that fun, just as a result of attitude. That was one of my least favorite aspects of the Grand Prix, was the cocky ass attitude some people had. But what are you going to do I suppose.
Mitch and I ended up being two-headed giant partners this time around. We ended up building him a Green/white deck that pretty much exploded in peoples faces, and I went with a red/black deck running removal and burn. My deck didn't do nearly as much as him.
In match 1, I managed to swing for 7 by turn 3. Mitchel showed me up by swinging for 20 something to end the game. It was hella tight.
Match 2 didn't go in our favor. Our opponent's decks exploded, ending the game in the first 10 minutes of the match. It was ridiculous. They were a fun enough pair though, and agreed to a casual rematch while we waited for everyone else to finish. It was another game of me playing semi-support for Mitch while he smashed their face in over and over again.
My most memorable play though occurred in Match 3, and it would have to be playing Giant baiting with the conspire, swinging in with 2 giants (which unfortunately got stopped) but then using Rite of Consumption to do 4 damage and grab 4 life, and copy the giant with Cemetery Puca. It was a good time (except for our opponents, Ben and Amber), but once again Mitch did most of the work in terms of damage. Not that having both of us swinging with Spirit Avatars was really helping Ben and Ams. Before the match we decided to split the packs regardless of the outcome anyways, so everyone walked away happy, and me and Mitchel walked away with 6th place.
I also walked away with 7th place (3-1) in the main flight I participated, drafting a black/red deck in that as well. Emberstrike Duo was my star player I think. Having 4 copies of him in my deck lead to me consistently drawing him in matchs. 1st turn Manaforge Cinder followed by a Duo, followed by another Duo followed by an Inkfathom Infiltrator happened in probably 5 of the games I played in. Then giving him Fists of the Demigod, well, that's just silly. First strike and Wither is incredibly OP. Having gotten a Demigod of Revenge that I could play in my deck helped even more. All in all, it was a pretty solid deck. The match I lost was a match to a g/w deck, that exploded in my face 2/2 games we played. I think I was dead by turn 5 each of those games, blast you Shield of the Oversoul!
But it was an awesome weekend.

A Satisfied Travy