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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Infinite Willow Elf Recurssion Combo

Tiffzoring for mah blog for teh memories

This deck was inspired by a deck of mine I called Cycle of Delicious. The deck ran Riggers, and Willow Elves, and we convinced a member of my playgroup that it had a 17 card infinite willow elf recursion combo in it. Naturally we were kidding around, but in a group chat the other day, we threw together that 17 card combo, and created infinite willow elf recursion combo deck.

The combo

Part 1: Infinite Willow Elf Recursion.
Willow Elf
Ashnod's Altar
March of the Machines
Reito Lantern
Verdant Succession

First, you are going to need 2 willow elves, 1 in play and 1 in library (2). You will also need a Verdant Succession in play to insure that when a willow elf dies, you are able to get another one out of your library (3). In order to make sure you constantly have a willow elf in your library, Reito Lantern is necessary (4). A method of fueling Reito Lantern is via sacrificing Willow Elf to Ashnod's Altar for 2 mana (5). Unfortunately The Lantern's ability costs 3 to play, and the altar produces 2, so we needed to reduce the cost of the lantern's ability some how. And so, Heartstone was suggested (6). But the stone only works on creatures, and so we needed to somehow animate the lantern, thus we splashed blue for March of the Machines (7).

At this point, you have infinite willow elf recursion combo online. But in order for it to advance game state, we had to add some sort of win condition. Naturally throwing a second heartstone in there with a Squall Line could work, but where is the fun in a 7 card combo?

Part 2: Advancing the Gamestate
And so Fecundity was added so that everytime a Willow Elf got sent to the graveyard, we got to draw a card (8). The next step was adding more creatures to the deck to play with the combo. But unfortunately infinite colorless mana doesn't play green spells, and cool as Mycosynth lattice could have been, we didn't want to blow up peoples lands, that's just plain rude. And so, Aluren was added, ensuring that we could play anything we drew for free (9). 2x Child of Thorns was added so that we could pump our men an infinite amount of times (11). Tarpan was then added so that we could gain infinite life in the process (13). Concordant Crossroads was added to ensure all of our men could attack the turn they came into play (14). And finally 2x Loaming Shaman was added to ensure we wouldn't deck ourselves (16).

So we only managed a 16 card combo

Is that so wrong :<

Ah well, the final decklist:
2 Child of Thorns
3 Joven's Ferrets
2 Loaming Shaman
4 Spore Frog
3 Tarpan
2 Tree Monkey
4 Willow Elf

1 Aluren
1 Concordant Crossroads
2 Fecundity
3 March of the Machines
3 Verdant Succession
3 Ashnod's Altar
3 Heartstone
2 Reito Lantern

16 Forest
6 Island

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