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Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Foodstuffs

Ever since becoming a vegetarian my desire to eat meat has lessened more and more. At this point I have uncommitted myself from my diet, but still stick to it for the most part. Generally speaking I just don't have a desire to eat meat, now it is more of something to eat if there is nothing else on the menu. I find myself desiring boca burgers over regular burgers. Arguably a good thing...

And so long as I am thinking on food, oranges are pretty amazing. I had them for the first time earlier last year at a Japanese restaurant, and tasty as they may have been I didn't pursue oranges any further. I had some again at the Chinese buffet I went to a little while ago... and decided this time to actually pursue eating them further...

The artificial orange flavored thingy-ma-jigs I have eaten over the years couldn't begin to prepare me for just how tasty actual oranges are. Even orange juice which I love fails in comparison to eating an actual orange. With Kelly's help I learned how to peel them myself (I'm that much of a chump) and now eat one or two daily. I wonder if that is a bad thing...

Nyeh, I am still procrastinating, at this point I have been on the intrawebs for 3 hours doing nothing when I had planned on doing homework right away, god am I a bothersome individual sometimes.

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