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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On King of the Hill

Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed the game king of the hill. Hold the high ground is the name of the game, and all throughout my life the things I have enjoyed most involved holding that high ground. The simplest thing to look at is my former love of MMORPGs. I picked classes that could sit there and take a ton of monsters/mobs/players, classes that could hold that high ground.
Travy, my Tibian Knight would grab up dragon lords and dragons, tank the damage and bring them down. My Warlock Travstopher on World of Warcraft, and my Paladin Travy, could aggro a dozen plus mobs of their own level or higher and take them down.
In Magic the Gathering I build decks to bring to the multiplayer table that absolutly have to be stopped or they will win. I build those decks with tanking multiple players in mind, and my favorite games are those games where everyone teams up to stop me and just can't bring me down.
That is part of my pride, these king of the hill scenarios. These one against the world scenarios.
I also pride myself in my general moral well doing. My going against the will of society in favor of doing what I think is right.
Unfortunatly I fear I have given up some of my moral high ground, taking a hit to my pride. But my pride still seems to be fully intact, unshaken in any way shape or form.
I suppose time will determine what damage, if any my pride has suffered.

A contemplative Travy

No one gets out of life alive.

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