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Monday, March 10, 2008

On New Blogs and Big Events

Today I decided to make an attempt at maintaining a new blog here on Blogspot. It should be easy enough, I hope. I figure I will aim for a gaming oriented blog, with maybe a little extra thrown in-between. We will see how that works out.

As far as games go, I have always been more of a RP/Card Game kind of guy. I think most people play board games and video games as opposed to Card Games. Not to say that I don't spend a fair amount of time on Video Games myself (World of Warcraft and the Xbox namely), but Card games are just so much more mentally intensive. I fancy myself pretty good at what I do, I feel that in the last year or so I have really pushed myself to my limits as far as card gaming goes. This weekend will be the test for me I suppose.

Last year I had planned on attending the Grand Prix in Ohio, but unfortunately that got shoved away as a result of work. This year I plan on attending the Philadelphia Granx Prix, this weekend to be exact. I suppose at this point I should mention the card game I speak of is Magic the Gathering, a passion of mine since I was in Middle School (much to my parent's disapproval). The tournament format is Extended, which means the last few blocks are legal. I have ended up drafting together a U/G Tron deck, which I hope will work wonders for me. This tournament will mean a lot to me. If I make it to Day 2, not only does that mean I have paid for my trip there, but it also means that I really have come as far as I think I have, as that will give me an official "pro point" and a cash prize of course :>
And then naturally, if I don't make it, that means I either had rotten luck or really do need to kick it up a bit.

Playing in these tournaments is difficult for me, as a result of holding down a full time job and the sort. Come this fall it will be even more difficult as I will be going to school full time as well. So hopefully, through some way shape or form, I can do really well at this tournament, and qualify for the trip to the Hollywood Pro Tour. Of course if I don't, no hard feelings.

And on a final note, this is hillarious:

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