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Thursday, March 13, 2008

On last minute changes

Ever have I loved straight up control in MTG. Tron is a great deck, control elements that finish with taking your opponents turn forever. But this week a Mono-blue faerie deck managed to place in a PTQ. And so, I have switched from Tron to Faeries. I'm more comfortable with the deck then I was tron anyways. So hopefully it will do well. With only one Auto-loss MU, and nothing else that gets to the point that it is difficult to deal with (outside of dredge ofc) it looks to be a bit more consistent than Tron. Of course part of me feels bad, as Tron is pretty amazing; and I have always loved playing my casual version of it. But it can't be helped, the fae rox my sox.

I renewed my WoW account the other day. I haven't had much time to play, mostly I figure that is something else I will work on after the GP this weekend. That and finalizing school preparations. Full-time work. Full-time College. One has to wonder just when they are going to get their gaming fix. But hey, it's something that has to be done, and I can't be sitting around on my behind forever gaming. Well I could, and hopefully a college degree with help with that a bit.

In any case, today I am going to make an attempt at finding some of the jank I need for decks to be built at the only local card shop that sells singles. I doubt they will have much, but we will find out eigh?

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