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Saturday, March 29, 2008

On Dreams, Aspirations, and Redemption

Yesterday on my lunch hour I went against my instincts and splurged on a PSP to play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 was the game that made me love Sony, as I was a big Final Fantasy 1 fan back in the day when the NES was bad ass. Ever since then I have bought most FF7 related products, and when Crisis Core came out I was torn between buying a PSP and not. After all, DoC was a bit of an upset, but I figured what’s the worst that could happen, there are a few other games I want to try out for the PSP anyways. Anyways, Sony has redeemed itself in my eyes. The controls aren’t terribly original and aren’t terribly difficult to learn, its more of pressing x and moving around, switching between heals and the sort.
The storyline itself is pretty interesting, although I could do without the whole Genisis copying bit, but it is interesting meeting Sephiroth’s friends, and getting a feel for Zack’s personality (I feel Last Order didn’t really do him much justice) and the graphics are pretty fricken awesome. All in all it is a pretty awesome game, and I suspect I will be buying a ps3 for Final Fantasy 13 when it hits shelves later this year.

Onto today though. It’s not often I leave the store when it comes to working. Doing the occasional transfer happens every now and again when I am dumb enough to drive my car to work. Today I was called up front and the sort to do the pack groceries bit when my manager informed me that one of the store owners, ( I can’t resist) Akel-sama (or mayhaps Akel-dono would be more appropriate), all right I will stick to Mr. Akel, needed help gathering a cart. The said cart was chained to a fence downtown, to prevent anyone from stealing it from the people who stole it, it was pretty interesting.
Anyways, along the way Mr. Akel and myself had a bit of a conversation, he got to know me. Interestingly enough, he had similar aspirations as I do, as far as pursing some sort of English degree. I suppose, I find it reassuring. I think that his feelings on the matter reassure me of my feelings on the matter, and I think it will force a tad more effort out of me as far as pursuing my college goals go. And I bet it will keep a smile on my face for a few days to come while working

Some days I really love my job

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Cusecolts said...

do not feel that bad brother travy I am going to buy a PS3 just because they the next Metal Gear Solid game. I love the 1st three and I hope the next one is just as good.