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Thursday, March 19, 2009

On poetry

First and foremost, a poem I threw together:

Symbolizing Love, Beauty, and Perfection
Even more perfect when one discovers the imperfections in your cut.
Perfectly imperfect.
Words cannot truly capture the ideals you represent.

Two Diamonds
Identical in their imperfections, a statistical improbability.
A mold crafted to encompass the pair in warm flowing gold.
A perfect pair of earrings.
One isn't complete without the other.

But the Pair isn't together
I seek you out and I steal you away
It isn't a crime, it's a necessity
to attain perfection.

Of course one word in there isn't actually a word... but it's all good

I finally beat Chrono Trigger the other day. Generally it was an all right game, but I didn't really get into it until the very end. I guess my issues were
  • The storyline
  • The final boss
  • I really didn't get into the combat system until the endgame
Maybe it was just too simple, I don't know, it seemed like the first half of the game was melee + healzor on occasion, and the second half was unleash super abilities of win with megalixers ftw. Even in fights that apparently had a strategy to them I was supposed to do... I just muscled my way through. With the exception of the last boss of course, which was still just me unloading my end game abilities once one guy was out of the way until death.

But regardless I started Rhapsody for the DS, and Resident Evil 5 for the 360 the other day.

Resident Evil 5 so far is exactly what I was hoping for, it truly is a game where you "run for your fucking life for hours until you die." Of course that idea kind of fell on death ears for the first level where I tried to muscle my way through the executioner dude... only to find out I could actually run away from him and just fight the masses on the roof. It's a good time.

Rhapsody really is a musical video game, with periods in the storyline where the cutscene is actually the characters singing... and you kill people with fricken pancakes, it's lush. I'm glad it's following like a turn based battle system, I was told originally it was a tactical RPG, which I just can't stand.

But Rhapsody might be taking a brief break as the new Pokemon game is coming out.

Gawd, I think I will always be a Pokemon junkie.

A content Travy


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